International Women’s Day 2024: Aritzia CEO Jennifer Wong

What can you do to inspire inclusion? To illuminate this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme, our IWD 2024 webinar showcased business leader Jennifer Wong (BA’91), who took on the retail industry. Discover her remarkable rise from a shoe buyer at Aritzia to leading the Vancouver-based company as its CEO. Learn how she cultivates a culture of learning and creativity so you can encourage acceptance and belonging in your own workplace. 

This webinar is a collaboration between UBC Dialogues, the alumni UBC Career Education Program, and the UBC Student Alumni Council.

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Afnan Ali, BSc'23 (she/her) — Alumni Engagement Coordinator, alumni UBC

Helia Moghaddam — President of the Student Alumni Council, 4th year Arts student


Jennifer Wong, BA’91 (she/her) — Chief Executive Officer, Aritzia

Recorded March 6, 2024.