Anchor your leadership in adaptability

Being a leader involves facing numerous challenges, including disruptions, stress, and burnout. In order to thrive amidst change, leaders must reorient, stabilize, and take care of themselves. That’s why the practice of anchoring, or finding ways to steady ourselves amid demanding and unpredictable situations, is essential. In this webinar, Adel Gamar — cofounder and CEO of GLG Ltd. and adjunct professor at the UBC Sauder School of Business — explored practical and daily routines that you can use to fortify your leadership as you empower your organization to reach its full potential. Watch the recording to discover how to transform obstacles into opportunities by mastering the art of anchoring.

This UBC Dialogues is a collaboration between alumni UBC and UBC Sauder Executive Education. It features lessons from the forthcoming UBC Sauder course Next Level Leadership, which is designed for professionals seeking to improve their leadership skills.

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Recorded April 17, 2024.