Crack the job market

With unemployment rates hitting record lows, employers have been scrambling to find workers — it’s a job seeker’s market at the moment. So how can you make these current conditions work best for you?

This webinar will give you the confidence and tools that you need to ace the recruitment process. The Career Contacts team discusses resume dos and don’ts, provides interview tips, shares red flags to look out for, busts myths about what hiring managers want (and don’t want), and answers that most asked question: how do you effectively negotiate your salary? Ultimately, you can learn how to bolster your chances of scoring that dream job.

Did you graduate from UBC?


  • Natasha Jeshani (BA’05) – President and CEO of human resources and recruitment consulting firm Career Contacts and Founder of the corporate learning and development company Training Arch
  • Lauren Barlow – Director of Recruitment and Operations at Career Contacts and Chief Strategist at Training Arch

Recorded September 21, 2022.