Overcoming fear in the second act of your career

People are creatures of habit, associating change with risk and seeing it as something to fear. However, diving into the unknown can lead us to some of the best decisions of our careers, or lives. Nikola Girke, BHK’99, is a four-time Olympian in the sport of sailing and is one of only a few elite athletes who have achieved a top 10 in the world across three different sport disciplines. Hear Nikola’s story about how she made the transition from an athlete to a Certified Executive Coach by embracing emotions of change. Learn how she eased into the process of transitioning careers and how she has celebrated the change.

About the Speaker

Nikola is a UBC BHK alumni, a four-time Olympian in the sport of sailing, a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach. Nikola is amongst only a few elite athletes that have achieved a top 10 in the World across 3 different sport disciplines.

As a coach, Nikola teaches her clients how to own their podiums. Helping discover inherent strengths and establishing strategies to inspire them to work towards their goals. Through her experiences, with both the successes and failures of being an Olympian, Nikola empowers and motivates her clients, providing them with tools to contemplate and execute critical decisions and guides them towards the realization of their professional and personal aspirations.

Nikola has also experienced multiple personal life and difficult career transitions and it has shaped who she is as a coach now. Through her company, Own Your Podium, Nikola is grateful to be able to encourage and inspire her clients to take the first step towards achieving their goals.

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