Fall 2021

Illustration of planet and astronaut.
We shouldn’t have to make a choice between the night sky and global internet.
Illustrations: Raymond Beisinger
Test your knowledge of the UBC Thunderbirds, Museum of Anthropology, UBC Library, and more.
Headshot of Martina Valkovicova.

Commit to learning every day.

Photo of Selina Chan.
Selina Chan is helping deliver critical supplies to a nation in crisis.
UBC archives image

“SHE MADE IT! ‘Canada’s Honeybun,’ marathon swimmer Carol Gregory, conquered the chilly waters...

Headshot of Kartik Suri.
When COVID-19 first hit New York City, UBC dental school grad Kartik Suri stayed to help.
Headshot of Santa J. Ono.

UBC President and Vice-Chancellor Santa J. Ono.

A picture of Kookai Chaimahawong, smiling, against an orange background.
Young workers are nimble, connected, and redefining employment relationships on their terms.
Photo of Robby the robot.
The newest member of UBC’s Athletics & Recreation team is a line-painting robot.