Class Acts

Tyler Funk headshot
Tyler Funk, BFA'12

I am a proud UBC alum who graduated with BFA in Cinematography and Film/Video Production in 2012. 

My team and I undertook a comprehensive journey to bring our feature documentary film, Anything for Fame, to life, shooting for 70 days across North America. Before finalizing our subjects, we pre-interviewed over 250 influencers, ensuring a rich and diverse range of perspectives.

I’m elated to share that Anything for Fame will be available on the NFB website and Paramount+ starting November 8th.

I’m fortunate to have worked closely on this film with collaborators, producer Sebastian Mercado, and director of photography Peter Planta, who are also UBC graduates.

The documentary delves into the social phenomenon and unseen challenges of Internet fame and fortune, as observed through the perspectives of today’s content creators. I’ve taken a sensitive approach with my interviewees, many of whom are young aspiring influencers engaging in risky behaviour, all in the quest to be relevant in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Still from "Anything for Fame"

Still from "Anything for Fame"