Lesley Cormack (left) and Santa Ono (right) on the stage at the launch of FORWARD, the campaign for UBC, on Sep 24, 2022

On Sept. 24, Santa J. Ono and Lesley Cormack together unveiled FORWARD, the campaign for UBC. 

Queen Elizabeth and platform guests during Royal Jubilee visit to UBC

The university hosted the Queen and Prince Philip four times at the Point Grey campus.

Black and white photo of a hotel room in NYC, with a view of the skyline in the background

Mikaela Gauer (BA’08) is a creative director and photographer, who has been living in New York City for the past 14 years. 


What three words best describe New York City?

Magical urban jungle.

How did you come to live in New York City? 


African women in shawls carrying empty containers queue up in desert

Poverty and inequality have resulted in unequal access to the Earth’s bounty.

Zoë Craig-Sparrow and Candice Loring

UBC alumni Zoë Craig-Sparrow and Candice Loring share what’s needed to tackle career barriers.

Sea life swimming near coral reef

The research team found that more diverse coral communities were most resilient.

Legs of hockey players and referee on ice as puck drops

Cultural and systemic factors affect professional men’s ice-hockey players seeking help.

Smiling doctor in room (facing a woman slightly off-camera) with monitor displaying brain scan images

UBC researchers are navigating what’s called “the last and grandest biological frontier.”

Dr. Aki Horii speaks at reopening of East Lillooet Memorial Garden

A 90-year-old retired doctor overcame hardships and racism to pursue his education at UBC.

Shot of an iPad screen held over the Chemistry building. On the iPad screen is a shot from the Adam Project outside Chemistry building.

The university often ranks as one of the most filmed locations in the world.