Old yellow UBC t-shirt displayed on mannequin

The return window for the item had been “ever-so-slightly exceeded.”

Two rows of cars in traffic jam with exhaust arising

This study found that even brief exposure to air pollution rapidly impacts the brain.

Woman holding her hand up to a holographic brain

Research from the UBC Faculty of Medicine could stop the disease in its tracks — and even...

One large whale, with one small whale, swimming in ocean

Propeller noise accounts for much of the underwater acoustic barrage from ships.

Photo of Josee Kreese against a background of trees and a mountain

A UBCO alum shares her path to becoming a social worker and offers career advice for new grads.

Silhouette of a mother and child on a beach at sunset

We need more contact with the natural world if we really hope to preserve it.

Dr. Jimena Perez-Vargas working in a lab

This discovery paves the way for new medicines for COVID-19 variants.

Wide-angle shot of a skyscrapers and a highway at sunset, with a person in the left staring off in to the distance

Try design thinking, see the possibilities, overcome your fear, and more.

Dr. Kari Marken sits at a desk with lego, smiling at the camera.

UBC Sauder’s Dr. Kari Marken (PhD’19) challenges her Creativity students with purposeful play.

Headshot of Robin Young smiling in a pink blouse.

Dr. Robin Young looks at cell biology through a lens of ethics, diversity, and inclusion.