Dr. Amir Ardestani-Jaafari sits at a table with a chessboard
How do we make life-saving decisions when everything goes wrong?
James Lim standing in a lab
A UBC research team is helping to bring new hope to children battling hard-to-treat cancers.
A person with short black hair and dark skin sits on a wall made of filled, upright sacks.

A tech-enabled strategy for beating poverty.

Three Asian young men in baseball jerseys wave at crowd
K-pop groups without Korean members seem to be on the brink of becoming the norm.
Football player in helmet on field, with others in background
A second T-Bird also went pro and seven players were picked in the CFL draft.
Lynx walking through snowy forest
The "anthropause" offered a rare opportunity to learn about human-wildlife interactions.
Headshot of Dr. Lori Daniels holding a cross-section of a tree trunk
For Dr. Lori Daniels, not all forest fires are a bad thing.
Headshot of Ella Barrett-Chan and Ethan Chan
For siblings Ella and Ethan, a medical crisis created a calling for both of them.
Four Gold for Life members — Ken Teskey, Peter Jackson, Martin Gifford and Warren Beach — standing in a row
A crew of alumni aims for the top 12.
Headshot of So Hoi Kay
Vancouver’s hottest neighborhoods aren’t where you think.